How We Do It

How We Do It

The SVIBI Experience

At SVIBI, we desired to create a collaborative forum for innovation that was truly novel. The SVIBI format is a unique blend of executive-to-executive peer learning, a platform of collaboration, and mentorship by world-class innovation experts that extends well beyond a simple conference – A place where leading academics and executive innovation teams can come together to create and implement the newest ideas around innovation, share experiences of success and failure with their peers, and craft an innovation execution plan in private consultation with the Institute’s faculty.

Phase 1 – Defining Innovation & Understanding Dynamic Capabilities

Learning Objective & Expected Outcome: Clients are introduced to contemporary topics in innovation, some perspectives on the “state of innovation”, and how the development of an innovation framework begins with understanding the fundamentals of innovation. It typically includes an introduction to the Dynamic Capabilities framework, and how its implementation positions firms for success in the highly-competitive and constantly-evolving global landscape.

Phase 2 – Building a Culture of Innovation Framework

Learning Objective & Expected Outcome: This step centers on a deep-dive into the “how” behind building a culture of innovation and how companies maintain their competitive advantage and innovative “edge”. The focus is on the tools, perspectives, and various other proven frameworks that arm firms with the resources to not only assess the current state of innovation worldwide, but understand how well innovation is integrated into their specific ecosystem & industry.

Phase 3- The Innovation Roadmap

Learning Objective & Expected Outcome: This is the bedrock of the SVIBI experience, in that it takes what has been learned over the previous two phases and helps your executive innovation team develop an innovation roadmap tailored specifically to your organization’s needs and objectives. This roadmap will include innovation objectives, detailed checklists, and milestones that become the customized framework utilized by your team as it implements the strategy.

Post Summit – Executing on Your Firm’s Innovation Roadmap

The SVIBI Method

The SVIBI format is a unique blend of executive-to-executive peer learning, research, a platform of collaboration, and mentorship by world-class innovation experts. Part of the SVIBI methodology includes deep collaboration with the SVIBI team in assessing your firm’s current innovation initiatives through interviews and the development of your custom SVIBI innovation strategy.


Once clients decide to embark on the SVIBI experience, they collaborate with the SVIBI team and faculty in customizing and personalizing an innovation strategy – whether it is research-, education-, or execution-focused. In some cases, they are introduced to some of the world’s leading innovation academics in order to access some of the cutting-edge perspectives on innovation theory.


The cornerstone of the SVIBI experience is the world-class mentorship made available to participants via one-on-one private sessions or research interviews with the option to engage the faculty for ongoing coaching and accountability. This unique access to mentorship is intended to maintain a certain discipline requiring reflection, refinement, and application on the experience and outcomes during any innovation initiative or custom education program.


For those clients who choose to extend the SVIBI experience beyond the summit and into their own boardroom, SVIBI works with companies to assemble the best-suited “innovation team” to help apply the innovation frameworks explored during any previous phase. These ongoing consulting engagements include a continuously-evolving assessment of the firm’s innovation initiatives and recommendations on how to refine and strengthen their application with a keen focus on measureable results and metrics. Furthermore, SVIBI can design company-specific and confidential programs that can be delivered to the broader corporate team.