What We Do

What We Do

The SVIBI Program

The Silicon Valley Institute for Business Innovation annually organizes a 12-month journey designed for executive innovation teams (limited to 3 executives per organization) who have committed to innovation as a core priority. This journey begins with a 3 day private “un-conference” in the Silicon Valley, includes the crafting of a 12-month innovation execution plan, and follows up with optional mentoring and accountability by the SVIBI team to implement the plan.

At the annual un-conference, your executive innovation team will engage with renowned experts (faculty from the leading universities and practitioners who are famed corporate innovators), listen to fascinating innovation keynotes, and share experiences of success and failure with their non-competitive peers in a confidential setting.

If, after the un-conference you decide to commit to the implementation of the plan, then during the subsequent year our faculty are optionally available to serve as ongoing accountability partners to ensure the successful execution of the innovation plan (private engagements after the summit are not included in the un-conference fee).

The SVIBI Difference

The Silicon Valley Institute for Business Innovation “walks its talk” by serving as the model of innovation in executive learning, where customization and agility is baked into the very fabric of the program.

More than an executive education program

While SVIBI has some similarities to an executive education program, it is unique because the faculty represent innovation professors including current and former deans from the leading academic centers innovation such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, the University of Chicago, Harvard, and others. Moreover, since the participants themselves are renowned global business leaders, and since the academics desire to learn and gather data/case studies from the participants, there is an ongoing role swapping between faculty and executives. A further difference with traditional executive education programs is that the very content itself is determined in deliberate consultation with the participants prior to the event. Finally, the completion of an implementation plan and the ongoing learning/execution for the subsequent 12 months is a vast departure from any traditional education program.

More than a conference

Though the SVIBI begins with its “Innovation Team Un-conference”, our program is unlike any traditional conference. To start, our venues are unique, creative and span the full color and character of Silicon Valley. While we have world-class speakers and famed participants, it is our private and confidential peer-based forums, combined with the instructor/executive role reversal, that makes SVIBI unique.

More than a consulting firm

The SVIBI does share some characteristics of the famous management consulting firms since we are committed to the successful execution of an innovation program for each and every participant. But the similarities end there. Our “consultants” are unquestionably the world’s leading innovation gurus. Our methodology is about coaching, accountability, and peer-support rather than “consulting.” And our ongoing supposition is that the companies themselves are fully capable of transforming themselves into innovation leaders, rather than relying solely on traditional 3rd party consulting firms.