2017 Innovation Un-conference

Becoming A Disruptor CEO by Michael Tushman, Harvard

January 10, 2017 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

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Michael L. Tushman

Digital disruption is visiting every industry at a pace that exceeds almost everyone’s predictions. Smart CEOs are moving to build the capability to succeed in this new world. This means building new businesses, investing in new capabilities, challenging some of the norms of the current organization. Although resistance is rarely explicit or even intended, the pressure to execute on short-term priorities in the business often makes it inevitable, so making it difficult to move at the pace required.

Professor Michael Tushman and his colleagues have studied this problem at close-quarters both as an academic and CEO advisor. In this session, Michael will share his prescription for how to lead change at the personal, senior team and organizational level, required to make the transformation to a successful digital business model. He will present a series of pitfalls based on cases in technology, advertising and media firms, together with a practical model for mobilizing leaders around a common goal for transformation.