2018 Innovation Un-conference


Berkeley Faculty Club October 10, 2018 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Scott Stern

The massive rise of interest in start-ups – by students, founders, media, and the general public – has resulted in a proliferation of advice and tools but has so far lacked a practical guide for how to chart and implement start-up strategy. In their forthcoming book, Entrepreneurial Strategy, Joshua Gans, Erin Scott, and Scott Stern fill this gap by developing a practical and systematic approach for how to undertake the process of exploring and evaluating the core choices that entrepreneurs need to make as they translate their ideas into a reality. By putting founder choices center stage, Entrepreneurial Strategy offers a guide for entrepreneurs as they make the key decisions shaping their ventures, and a process for making choices in a way that enhances the potential for venture scalability and success.

In this interactive session, Professor Stern will explore the “Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass” and other key topics from his book to help executives build upon a proven framework that assesses the strategies and models behind any product launch.