The excitement continues to build as we are in the swing of things with the “First Adopter” registration window for the January 2017 event! Part of the fun is learning how other companies innovate, which led us to the following article! Great read…

How We Think About Innovation at Cisco

By Stephan Monterde

The piece opens off with an information-rich set of statistics that frames the fact that IoT is no longer some concept on the horizon. It’s here. And we all need to prepare for the ensuing growth. We all need to innovate.

As the author puts it “All of this change will require new technologies that enable faster, more secure ways for machines to share and process data. To keep up, new standards, architectures, and infrastructures will have to develop at the same pace. The question confronting Cisco and other companies is how to do that – how to speed the process of innovation, especially as technological change threatens to upend our current business models.”

The author then dives into 3 key ways Cisco is tackling the matter head-on and systematically enhancing its culture of innovation.

How has your company done with the 3 paths?

It is an interesting read posted on HBR that you can view here.