Every few weeks, the SVIBI team will share some interesting pieces on innovation, as it finds them. Be sure to check back often as there is a lot of info out there and we are doing our best to curate some of the more thought-provoking pieces.

What Was The Greatest Era For Innovation? A Brief Guided Tour by Neil Irwin

We came across a great article by Neil Irwin that provided an interesting snapshot on some aspects of how our country operated in 1870, 1920, 1970, and 2016. It basically asks the reader to ponder: Which era was the most innovative? And after reading the article, you can see why it is a pretty difficult question to answer. Which innovations “meant more” to our society? When you go through timeline provided in the article, you can see answering it gets more difficult the deeper you dive. Let’s just say, it’s not so cut and dry what era was the most innovative, and where innovation in 2016 falls on the scale.

But it did raise another interesting question: What are some of the innovations your company has experienced in its own timeline, and how have they changed your corporate culture, product offerings, or bottom line? How do they stack up against each other as the most transformational? (Quick, what’s your fax number?)

What was your firm’s golden age of innovation?

Great article and you can find it here.

Innovation – Why Bezos Succeeded, While Lampert Failed at Sears by Adam Hartung

This is an interesting piece by Adam Hartung that provides a quick recap of the Sears journey from innovative retailer to a struggling one. If anything, it reminds us of exactly how innovative Sears was for a large part of the past century. However, Sears seems to have run a course we have seen in the past century as well (and will likely continue to see): Companies and management teams focus solely on protecting what works, at the expense of transformation. Perhaps a proper innovation strategy balances managing and “defending” today, while planning and “winning” tomorrow?

Think about your company’s attention to cost control and core business vs innovation and transformation. How’s the balance? How many meetings this week were about 2020?

Read the entire article on forbes.com by clicking here.