Here are this week’s SVIBI Staff picks on quick reads about all things “innovation” – From an interview that highlights IBM’s long-standing history of innovation, to why Amazon is one of today’s innovation darlings.

Why Amazon is the king of innovation: Kindle’s clout by David Gewirtz

Excellent piece (the first in what promises to be an exciting series) written by Mr. Gewirtz about innovation at Amazon and how it stacks up against the usual darlings. One particular excerpt summarizing the totality of Amazon’s innovation captured our attention: “Amazon is our closet, our basement, our library, and our movie theater, providing us with goods, services, reading, and entertainment in both virtual and physical form.”

But this is not why we decided to share the link… it’s highly relevant in light of last week’s post re: Sears. Amazon looked at the competitive landscape and coming trends and did not focus on just protecting what it had (books), but rather growing into the next trend (e-books). Or as David explains: “You can have market dominance even if you don’t lock your customers into your own devices.”


We are definitely excited about the next in this series by Mr. Gewirtz. Find the first post here on ZDNet.

IBM’s Chief Innovation Officer Looks Back On Nearly 40 Years Of Breakthroughs by Greg Satell

This is a GREAT read as it provides a peek into the sustained pursuit of innovation (we’re talking decades) by one of the world’s most innovative firms. There is not really much to summarize other than we highly recommend the read. But it does offer an opportunity to reflect:

Are tales of innovation within your company as old as the company itself?

Read the entire article on by clicking here.