For those that check in with us on a weekly basis, apologies for the delay in getting this post out! We’ve been busy working to create custom experiences with the First Adopters that have signed on for the 2017 summit! That said, below are two of the articles we wanted to share with you this week!

Marriott Is Preparing For Gen Z With An Innovation Lab Hotel

By Elizabeth Segran

This great read posted on Fast Company explores how Marriott is innovating experiences for its guests by testing out new ideas and concepts through its innovation lab. The Marriott approach serves as a good example of how a company can open up and collaborate with its customers to stay ahead of shifts in preferences, thus innovating on its connection with them.

What does your “lab” look like, and how does it connect with your changing customer base?

To access the great article posted on Fast Company by Elizabeth Segran, click here!

Four ways to make your business embrace innovation

By Mark Samuels

There is no shortage of posts, articles, and interviews that provide some pointers on what “it takes to be innovative”, but this article provides few useful steps that should help any management team. We won’t spoil it by listing the 4 pointers outlined, but simply wanted to share it with our audience!

To access the piece posted on ZDNet, click here.