It was a busy week here as we are starting to help some of the ‘First Adopter” registrants get things squared away for the January 2017 event! Really exciting to work with firms on designing their SVIBI experience! That said, we continue to come across some interesting reads on innovation! Check out these great pieces:

Want to Do Corporate Innovation Right? Go Inside Google Brain

by Greg Satell
What makes this article on Alphabet’s (Google) approach to innovation a bit different than others is that it connects the dots between Google’s innovation history/culture and its massive and exciting Deep Learning AI initiative. This informative piece provides cool nuggets on Google’s innovation journey, but of particular interest to us, was the section that described how Google innovated from “the bottom up”.

Read the piece and just try to draw a parallel (even if at a nano-scale) to how innovation develops within your organization.

Side note: This is the second piece by Mr. Greg Satell in as many weeks that we wanted to share with our followers! Click here to share in the fine read.

It’s Time To Build A National Innovation Infrastructure

by Henry Doss
This is a must read if you’re interested in pieces that are more focused on the “state” of innovation (as opposed to a singular focus on “what/who is innovative?”). Mr. Doss raises some interesting points and provides a unique perspective on innovation as a complex system rather than a component within a system. But there is not much more we should do to introduce or summarize the piece, other than say we found it to be a solid and deeply thought-provoking read. Certainly, it makes one reflect on one’s definition of innovation and one’s role within the innovation ecosystem.

Read the entire article on by clicking here.